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She smiled at the cat-like girl, moving her hair out of her face.  “Hey.  What’s up?”  She asked, putting her hands on her hips.

Okay Cathy… don’t screw this up. You got this.

Cathy nervously tried to find her words. She never did very good with people when there wasn’t someone she was familier with by her side. “N-Nyathing really. Uhh.. I’m Cathy, what’s your name?”

Nailed it.

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Can this still go on? (October is a better month than May anyway)


Can this still go on? (October is a better month than May anyway)

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The girl seemed a bit familier to Cathy, she wasn’t sure why though. Still, she looked friendly enough. Maybe Cathy could start up a conversation with someone new!


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Cathy immediately recognized the boy in front of her. Although she had never spoken to him, she was well aware of who he was. It was hard not to know when you’re friends with Yuuma.



Kaito’s breathing halted for a second. “I’m not concerned for him as a friend, but as…” His eyes narrowed, mind grasping for a response. “a fellow duelist. I suppose you can say I’m returning his so-called friendship.” The last words had shards of his annoyance at Yuma’s friends-with-everyone-he-duels attitude, but not quite enough to cut the atmosphere.

Okay, that made much more sense. Cathy didn’t doubt for one second that Yuuma would have tried to befriend the man, and the man didn’t seem like a guy who would really want friends. Still, it was past the time when he would probably try to hurt him.

"Well… okay then."

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The Waiter observed the girl, taking in her young age and apparent affiliations with all things cats. Though she was clearly too young to be subjected to his charm, he decided he may as well be polite. “Good day, young miss. What can I do for you~?” he asked, removing the rose from his lips and twirling it through the air for extra affect.

Cathy continued to gawk at the man. His outfit reminded her of a waiter’s uniform, but who would want to wear that out of work? She watched the large rose spin through the air by his fingers. 

She’d seen odder people.

"Uhh.. nyathing. I was just passing by I guess." …She had to ask. "Are mew a waiter or something?"

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Just some facts: 


If I haven’t RP’d with you yet (and I mean threads not asks) it means:

  • You are too quality for me and I’m too scared to play with you
  • I don’t think you want to RP with me.

If I don’t respond to our thread, it means:

  • I’ve lost track of it and need a nudge, or more like a kick.
  • Your stunning writing left me speechless and I saved it in drafts, only to shriek, fangirl and leave it there for another couple of hours/days.
  • I think it was the perfect ending, and continuing it would only take out the quality of that thread.

So now that I explained that, know that I:

  • love you
  • admire you
  • think you are a great roleplayer
  • like playing with you
  • will never hate you
  • never think your replies are stupid or crappy
  • am just not quality enough for all of you.

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"Nyani?! Heartland Chronicles?"

((ooc: Yeah… they uhh…. recordedsomethingapparently))


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"Uhm…. hello." Cathy greeted the man, although she was very confused as to why he was walking around with a rose in his mouth.


"I'm Cathy, but mew can call me Cat. I-I think Mewma and cats are the best!"
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